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Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation: Reflections from Our CEO

Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation: Reflections from Our CEO Article Featured Image

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Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation: Reflections from Our CEO



Lately, I’ve been thinking about The Lacek Group’s 30th Anniversary and what a milestone like that means for the agency, our employees, and our clients. Looking back on the last 30 years, The Lacek Group has much to be proud of—and we’ve learned some lessons we’ll carry with us into the next 30.

At Lacek, we’ve always believed that prioritizing people and relationships is essential to success. By focusing on people—and their talents, ambitions, and needs—we’ve created a positive culture for employees and an environment that encourages growth and innovation.

Our people and our focus on continual growth and innovation have enabled Lacek to work with industry-leading clients. The trust our clients place in us is earned at every level and across every discipline in the agency. Their invitation to innovate—their encouragement to push them to grow and evolve—has resulted in the creation of groundbreaking work and, in turn, strong long-standing client relationships.

Innovation is the lifeblood of our business, and good ideas can—and do—come from anywhere. At The Lacek Group, we strive to provide an environment where everyone feels comfortable voicing their opinions and sharing their ideas. We look for thinkers and problem solvers, and we empower them to be successful.

Of course, over 30 years we’ve experienced challenges. I’m immensely proud of our ability to navigate change and thrive despite difficult times. Whether it was the tragic events of September 11, the Great Recession, or the uncertainty and unprecedented changes following the pandemic and the social unrest after the death of George Floyd, we remained agile and flexible as an agency—adjusting to new circumstances and meeting new challenges. Change is inevitable, and good things come when we’re willing to adapt.

At The Lacek Group, we’re proud of our accomplishments over the past 30 years, and we’re eager to continue innovating for the next 30.

A Few Key Takeaways

  • Attract and empower the right people. Surround yourself with people who want to make a difference and work with integrity. Focus on relationships over transactions.

  • Innovation can come from anywhere. Look for innovative ideas in unexpected places and empower everyone to share opinions and propose solutions.

  • Change before you have to. Remain agile and flexible and be open to the positive results change can bring.

Bill Baker is president and CEO of The Lacek Group, a Minneapolis-based data-driven loyalty, experience, and customer engagement agency that has been delivering personalization at scale for its world-class clients for more than 30 years. The Lacek Group is an Ogilvy company.