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Of Course You Want to Work Here

If you have to say working here is really great on your website, is it really? Well, actually, yes. Just talk to anyone who works here. Or anyone who used to work here. Or worked here previously and then returned to work here again. It happens a lot because it’s really that kind of place.

More perspectives.
More power.

We believe diversity drives smarter work for our clients and better business for us. Unique perspectives don’t just make life more interesting; they drive innovation, fuel creativity, and make our business and communities better. We believe inclusion is essential, and we welcome all who are ready to join our push for positive change. Every single day.


Retaining the best talent.



Our mentorship program is 12-plus years strong with over half of our employees participating every year.


Charting the course

Nearly 1,000 individual goals are 
set each year that continue our 
mission of being a leading agency 
in loyalty solutions.


Nurturing diversity

Five employee groups help create a culture of belonging
and inclusion, ensuring that all people can bring their whole selves to work, and feel welcomed and valued.


Recognizing excellence

We host two events annually to recognize outstanding employees. We also send over 1,500 RAVE notes of appreciation each year to show our gratitude.



With over 20 languages spoken at Lacek, we’re able to gain new insights, spark creativity and build strong relationships.


Connecting people with even more people

Each month we host in-person and virtual events to foster a positive work culture and help people bond over shared interests.



Each year we take the time to honor employee milestones — some colleagues celebrated their 30th year at The Lacek Group.

A Culture of Care

We've worked hard to develop a company culture that reflects the type of agency we want to be. Here are just a few mission-driven efforts to support both our employees and our greater community.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Unique perspectives drive innovation, fuel creativity, and make our business and communities better. We believe inclusion is essential, and we're committed to DEI at Lacek through a variety of internal and external initiatives.

Employee Investment

Our people are the best resource we have! We encourage employees to invest in their own growth with TLG You Matter Day, a program that offers paid time off and financial resources to learn anything they wish, in any way they wish.

Community Engagement

Every two years, we designate a new Community Engagement partner for employees to rally around and contribute to through a variety of volunteer and fundraising activities. We also offer three annual paid volunteer days to all full-time employees.


We love rolling out the red carpet. That's why we host two annual internal award shows — the peer-voted Achiever Awards and the management-selected Impact Awards — to celebrate each other's hard work and successes.

Enjoy the benefits of a global 
organization with a local footprint.

At Lacek, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of resources and support to help our teammates flourish in their time both on and off the clock. Check out a comprehensive overview of the benefits offered by our global parent company, WPP, by clicking the button below.

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