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Email Development: Introducing an Upcoming Series

Email Development: Introducing an Upcoming Series Article Featured Image

Winning the Inbox: Intro

The Lacek Group has years of well-established expertise in loyalty strategy development, engagement and data-driven personalization at scale. Behind each successful initiative stands an in-house team of passionate, expert developers with more than 120 years of collective experience in both web and email channels. And in the months ahead, we’ll be sharing it with you.

We’re channeling some of that knowledge and experience into a blog series exploring how our team of experts meets the challenge of customer relationship management and engagement through loyalty email communications—one of the central strategies we leverage to drive enviable results for our clients.

The development team at Lacek creates world-class digital experiences. Whether that’s an interactive, lighthearted brand touch point (e.g., the Alamo Vacation Excuse Finder), a full-fledged web application (e.g., Marriott Bonvoy Moments), or one of the many possibilities in between, our developers build top-tier sites using bells, whistles, tools and web standards. But we know our end users’ digital engagement starts in the inbox, which is why we deploy more than 4.9 billion emails on behalf of our clients each year.

Today’s inboxes offer limited interactive user engagement, and email client rendering engines (the functionality that verifies and ensures your email will be displayed properly upon delivery) has yet to evolve at the same pace as web browsers. Consequently, email can be difficult to leverage for brand impact — and it demands significant development and testing to avoid the channel’s many potential pitfalls. The email development team at Lacek has tackled these challenges first-hand, and we’re sharing some of the solutions we’ve created in this new series.

Over the coming months, the email development blog series will give you a window into what The Lacek Group’s email developers are thinking about. What new ideas are we exploring? What new processes and procedures are we putting into place? How are we tackling the top issues in email development right now—rendering for dark mode, ADA compliance, animations and interactive experiences, troubleshooting Outlook issues—and so on?

This monthly series will feature insights, ideas, tips, and tricks on these topics and more from our pros, who are some of the best in the business. Next month, we’ll kick off the series with front end developer Ed Ball who will explore the importance of rendering engines and why they are the quintessential tool in delivering beautiful emails that will engage your audience as intended.  

Jason Dahl is senior front end developer for The Lacek Group, a Minneapolis-based data-driven loyalty, experience, and customer engagement agency that has been delivering personalization at scale for its world-class clients for more than 30 years. The Lacek Group is an Ogilvy company.