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Everyone's talking about personalization at scale. We created a way to make it happen.

With CODA (Create Once, Deliver Anywhere), you can create, distribute and measure personalized messages across platforms and channels. Be more efficient, be more targeted and be more successful with your client campaigns.

Here’s what you need to know about CODA

Scale messages across channels with one click

Instantly enter and update messages to multiple formats and channels without any duplication.

Connect decisioning and delivery

Distribute message content to channel engagement platforms and targeting criteria to customer-centric decisioning.

Access actionable analytics

Give your client’s analytics platform the message-level engagement data it needs for powerful measurement and insights.

The Benefits of CODA

Easier alterations help you save time. Make edits to copy or images across channels through one tool, cutting time spent on cross-referencing assets between differing platforms.

Break down barriers and remove silos. Create a single message that’s dispersed across multiple digital communications — meaning that campaigns speak to the same customer, in the same tone, no matter what channel they are on.

Track how consumers interact with content. Gain granular data on how consumers interacted with your client’s campaigns. Use these insights to learn what messages performed best across channels and audiences, allowing you to drive better performance and optimization.

Achieve personalization at scale across channels. Automate personalized content without the need to consistently verify it between channels. The result is fewer resource requirements, whether your client needs messages in an alternative language or has specific needs for varying audience segments.

How CODA works

Assign segments and targeting at a message level. This instruction is sent in a standardized, machine-readable format to your client’s decision making engine. Here, messages are matched with individual customers and fed to all channel engagement platforms — no more complicated grids to manage and translate from one system to another.

Control and automate delivery at an atomic level. Coda uses templates to adapt your messages across placements and channels. You can automatically track changes to messages, publish to any platform, and activate language translation integration across campaigns.

We’ll talk you through any implementation issue. The Lacek Group will guide you through the setup process and offer their expertise in personalized marketing each step of the way. Just get in touch during working hours in US Central Time.

Get a single message view. Regardless of placement or language, messages have consistent ID that can be automatically appended to URLs. Incorporate attributes such as template, position, country and language to enable precise reporting in your client’s existing analytics suite.